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Complete Practice Dragon Staff

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This is a complete Practice Dragon Staff with a carbon fiber core and our highly durable dragon staff heads. the combination of TPU and carbon makes for a nearly indestructible Dragon Staff. It will come fully gripped and taped along with the heads that you choose.

Our dragon heads are highly durable practice heads made from TPU material. Your order will be tailored to your pole diameter. These look great and catch natural light very well, especially in gem colors. We've found that they grip to silicone or friction tape very well and we prefer to use a layer of friction tape between the head and the pole for the best grip. If your pole is not fully gripped with silicone you can put a couple wraps of silicone or friction tape on the ends of your pole where the head will go. We will include friction tape with your order! Each head will weigh approximately 300 grams.

 Mirrored Spokes will face the same direction on both ends.

Opposite spokes will face opposite directions on either end.

We offer our own Alpha Grip, and Gravity Grip from LMF Props.

Alpha grip is our new personal favorite grip! This is highly durable grip with adhesive backing for an easier application. No glue needed! We recommend Alpha Grip for any flow artist that is serious about contact staff or dragon staff. This grip checks all the boxes for a great, long lasting grip. Alpha Grip is an industrial grade material that will hold up to abuse while still allowing you to execute high level moves. We would not recommend this grip if you have sensitive skin, consider Gravity Grip if this is a concern for you.

Gravity grip is a micro textured silicone that has all the tackiness of silicone but won’t become as slippery when wet. It also demonstrated low degradation and high performances under different weather conditions. It has an adhesive backing that makes it easy to apply and remove. It needs no other glue or adhesive.

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