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Gora Fire Hubs and Wicks

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These are Fire Hubs and wicks for a Dragon staff designed by Gora himself, the original inventor of the dragon staff.

Our Large and XL options offer a longer burn time and bigger flame. Our XL option is especially good for performance and will hold lots of flame effect powders to "wow" audiences.

These can be applied to poles from 20mm to 25mm in diameter. We will provide shims for 20mm poles, as well as friction tape and end stoppers for safety.

IMPORTANT: If you are applying these to a practice staff make sure you add proper heat protection, which is typically done with SILICONE TAPE. You can add a roll of silicone tape to your order if needed. We will not be held responsible for any damage from misuse.


  • Gora Fire Hubs
  • 8 wicks
  • Allen wrench keychain
  • Friction tape
  • Pole end stoppers
  • Hub shims (for 20mm poles)

From Gora:

"The sticks are made of 7075 space tech aluminium alloy, which allows 8mm diameter for the cross without sacrificing stability or impact resistance. 
The connection of the sticks to the cuff is a quick link solution, which makes assembly and disassembly easy. It is made by threaded ball spring plungers."


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