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LED Dragon Heads V2 - Set of 2 (3 Spoke)

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You will need to buy capsule lights from flowtoys if you do not already own them.

*If you are ordering Dragon Heads for a Ninja Pyrate pole, please let us know in the order notes so that we can send you the correct size.*     

*LED V2s now include an integrated bolt system that is optional to use if you need a tighter or more permanent fit to your pole!* 

These Dragon Staff Heads are designed to hold 3 Flowtoys capsule lights on each end (not included).

We have designed these Dragon Heads to provide the most possible protection to your capsule lights. The spaces in each blade act as a shock absorber to greatly dampen the impact of drops on your capsules and preserve their life. The capsules should be placed so that the USB port is against the socket for the most protection from any dirt and debris, and the button will be inward towards the center of the hub to avoid any unwanted button presses.

Each head will weigh ~300g with capsules installed.

These heads are made to order and will be tailored to your staff diameter.

Made with the same highly durable material as our practice Shuriken Dragon Heads.

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