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LED Modular Contact Poi Head

Regular price $50.00

This is LED modular contact head will come with everything needed to attach the head to a rope for poi, rope dart, meteor, or puppyhammer.

100mm Heads weigh ~200g

95mm Heads weigh ~190g

90mm Heads weigh ~180g

Make sure to include LEDs if you need them!

This Modular LED Contact Head uses (1) Dot XL Pro LED module. These are compatible with our modular system. 

The Dot XL Pro is the newest rechargeable chip from Ultrapoi with an increased durability,and long battery life. These are backed by UltraPoi's warranty.

The Dot XL Pro module is compatible with all of our modular LED products, excluding our dragon heads.

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The products you receive may differ slightly from what is pictured if we make improvements or revision, but everything will be compatible with our modular system.

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